Right Here

by Amiena

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released April 1, 2006


all rights reserved



Amiena Los Angeles, California

Singer. Song-writer. Sometimes piano player. Closet race-car driver. Collector of books and old records. Loving this roller coaster called life and writing songs about what I see around me.

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Track Name: Fourth Floor
Walk cautiously when we used to laugh together, I should know because I'm sitting here one floor below.

Watching rain fall down with your footsteps right above me
Aint it funny, It don't matter anymore

Walk up the stairs are you coming down to see me, I'm all talked out
I've let go - let it be what it is
I'm not saying I'm given up
But I'm done being the bully
Gonna step back, slow down, now, its your turn

I know we have tried to make this work, I've pushed you pulled
Now were both hurting
I need attention more than you can give
Simply put, its not news - you knew this when you walked in

He's my man - the man on the 4th floor
Talk about the man on the 4th floor
He takes and takes and takes and then wants more

He makes me laugh, He makes me cry
He makes me think Ill lose my mind
He pulls me up he puts me down
Always I want him around
My man on the 4th floor

Flute by:
Bobby Shulgold
Background Vocals: Amiena
Produced by:
Rocky Grisez at SDS Studio, Echo Park , Mastered by:
Dan Hersch
Track Name: Little Miss Perfect
Too Perfect ' Can't be perfect - just like you
I got no issues with my hair, the styles that I wear or the fact that I was born left-handed

Sometimes I like to be free live spontaneously - even though I know it drives you crazy
I like the size of my hips, the pout of my lips, the way I smile with my mouth closed, I think its kinda sassy
Talk about life, talk about dreams, talk about anything at all, it doesn't really matter

You like my hair slicked back
All my clothes need to match
Before I make up my mind, I need to ask for your opinion
[You say] and when you're walking with me be sure to stay behind me
[You say] I'm not asking much, just be a proper lady

That just kills me .. Can't be perfect
Little Ms. Perfect
Never be perfect for someone like you

So good luck in your perfect world, may your dreams come true if you have the time to think of a few
May your strategy of a simple task, fit the pieces of a puzzle and make it last

Little Ms. Perfect ' she's out there [I'm waiting]

She's probably there in a stylish chair
With her high priced clothing and her make-up to match
She's got elegant hands, perfectly tanned
She's perfect ' oh she's perfect

So perfect - Little Ms. Perfect
So perfect - Little Ms. Perfect
So perfect - Little Ms. Perfect

So perfect - Little Ms. Perfect
I can't be you

Background Vocals by: Amiena & R. Grisez
Produced by:
Rocky Grisez at SDS Studio, Echo Park ,
Mastered by:
Dan Hersch
Track Name: Will You
You always build me up, you never tear me down

We were the best of friends, even when you're not around

You know all my secrets, you never tell me lies.

I think I've fallen for you, should come as no surprise

Everyone they can see what you're doing to me, so I'm asking won't you be my baby

Will you, will you
Be the one to take me higher
Will you, will you
Be the one to light my fire

Will you, will you -will you baby, will you, will you

I like the times we share, the moments in between

All of the conversation, the hopes and those silly dream

So let me move a little closer, I wanna hold you tight - sorry, but this just feels right

Everyone they can see what you're doing to me so I'm asking won't you be my baby.

Maybe I'll mess this up by taking a chance, get it out of my head and into your hands

What if I'm wrong, well what can I do

Let me break it down for you
Dear Diary:
Today, I took that chance and no matter what happens, I'll have no regrets, no regrets

Will you.. will you, be the one

Background Vocals by:
Amiena & Rocky Grisez
Produced by:
Rocky Grisez,
SDS Studio,
Echo Park , California
Mastered by: Dan Hersch
Track Name: I Swear To You (The Sky)
I've been wrong more times than right

I've pushed into the fire but I've still come out alive and I've been broke more than living high scraping pennies, saving dollars, betting on that bigger prize

All I want is the sky, to send raindrops on my head and fill my wishing well that's dry All I need, I'm needing is time

When it all just fly's ahead, well at least I know I've tried I'll come through, I swear to you

I've been known to take a dive -I've been strung out being wired for more than five days at a time I should be home more, more than outside

But I've stayed awake for hours waiting for that sun to rise

I swear to you, I swear to god you know before it's all through I swear on my life, I'm still gonna make it if it breaks me in two I've crawled up off the floor too may times with things to prove I've knocked on every door and learned there's just so much to lose

On and on I try, on and on goes bye - on and on and on and on and on... - I'll try.
Track Name: Stay Out of Love
Came home late
Came home alone
Gotta get used to being here all by myself

Said I wouldn't miss you
Said I wouldn't shed a tear but, sometimes I can't help wishing you were here

I wanna call you but I have nothing to say

The phone starts ringing but I hang up anyway -

I feel so empty when you're not in my arms, could I just be fooling myself

What I'm gonna say to you
Where do we go from here
Don't think I am gonna find a way to run back to your arms

Who am I fooling, who are we trying to kid

Just trying to stay out of love with you

When I close my eyes and I see your smile - I wanna feel your arms around me

When I touch your face- in my dreams tonight, everything feels alright

Stayin outta love, stayin out love with you

Produced by:
Rocky Grisez,
SDS Studio,
Echo Park, California
Background Vocals by: Amiena
Mastered by:
Dan Hersch
Track Name: Graham Cracker Houses (Cassie's Song)
She asked me to stay, turn out the
See if the monsters were sleeping
I say okay, not to worry, I think all the ghosts here ran away
Close your eyes
Say goodnight fill your head with sweet things that you'll dream about tonight
They'll take you through to morning

Just close your eyes and dream little one, little one, baby
Dream of gummy bear castles made out of make believe
Made for you and me

Just close your eyes - Lay on your pillow
Dream of those graham cracker houses
Cassie in wonderland
Tea time for two

She reminds me of a young girl that I remember from not long ago
Dark curly hair - small and lovely, keeping all the dreams she had inside
Won't you stay
Sing a song
Here's a dance I am leaning
I could stay here all night long and wrap my arms around

Candy land and story time all that makes you laugh, makes me laugh me too
Then I kiss your head and tuck you straight, straight into bed [goodnight sweetheart]
When I look at you it makes me feel alive, makes me feel alive

Hold me, hold me, never leave me
[she said] Tell me; please tell me, one more story
[she said] Don't go, don't go, I'm not sleepy
Please stay, until I'm dreaming

Background Vocals
by: Amiena
Produced by:
Rocky Grisez at SDS Studio, Echo Park ,
Mastered by: Dan Hersch